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Consistent Quality Control Measures


K.M. Davies maintains a long-term working relationship with Cornell University. The relationship began with construction of Western New York's first Controlled Atmosphere rooms for apples and other produce. Controlled atmosphere maintains harvest-fresh produce condition-naturally.

Moving toward our second century of service, we continue to pursue natural fruit science, as well as the opportunities and ideas that will enhance produce storage for generations to come. This commitment includes new construction that addresses the growing interest in organics.

We perform a full quality control inspection upon receipt of each load of apples, to assist in providing the best storage possible for our customers.

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

During the annual apple harvest season, fruit is put into Controlled Atmosphere (CA) cold storage and held until ready for shipment worldwide. Controlled Atmosphere is the most advanced method for keeping fruits and vegetables harvest fresh. In CA storage, the temperature, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide are monitored and controlled, which keeps fruits and vegetable in peak condition.

Facility Monitoring

The plant is continually maintained and upgraded using the latest technology and engineering controls available to insure the safety of personnel, products in storage, our neighbors and the environment. It is monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) for proper operating temperatures and pressures by personnel on site seven days a week.